Last Minute Christmas Mummas Unite

Hands up all of the Last Minute Christmas Mummas (Insert Hands up Emoji)!

Hi There, (Insert Waving Emoji) welcome to my world. There are a lot of great benefits from being a Last minute Christmas Mumma. One of them being great Last Minute Sales, especially when it comes to buying Xmas fabric and Decorations. But there are also some bad things, things like always feeling a little frazzled, which is why my friends, I sometimes look like a deer in the headlights when you mention things that will be taking place more than 2 weeks in the future.

This year, however, I decided to be a bit more proactive with my Christmas Patterns and release a very easy Christmas Stocking Pattern before December. Yes December is 2 days away and yes I had planned to release this one around October, but well, I was thinking of you all, because in October, the Christmas fabric was not 50% off. You see, I have your back (Insert Winking Emoji)

This is just a short little Blog because I am off to buy an Elf on the Shelf (First year doing this tradition) and I need to plan some scenarios, so our Elf doesn’t spend all of December sleeping (Insert LOL Emoji)

If you would like to make your own Christmas Stocking, the pattern can be found Here.


Happy Sewing – Bon Amour and Sewing with Amber

Welcome! Wind down, Slow down, Recharge and Create!

Life is busy! I think this is something that we can all agree on. There is so much going on all of the time. When I was young, I was told that I could have it all! And hearing that made me happy. I loved that my childhood was full of opportunity. I could choose to focus on a career and work towards being the boss, all whilst having a family. I could choose to be Stay at Home Mum and run a household, I could even choose to be a Unicorn if I really wanted to. Well, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean.

As Mums though, with all of that choice, we are then required to be that Full-time Carer, Full time career working mum, all whilst being watched by social media and judged because that’s not how the world thinks we should be doing it, oh, and don’t forget to put yourself last in every situation. I don’t know about you? But I have had enough!

This is me > 46240046_2151337598251166_9021249394141298688_n

Sewing brings me peace. Its how I switch off. If I am stressed or overwhelmed or just sick of the world ticking way to fast for me, I switch off from the outside world, put on some music and sit at my sewing machine. Sometimes I make something for a friend, sometimes for myself, sometimes for my family, sometimes I just want to try something new or something that I found too hard in past experiences. Sometimes they look great, sometimes they look awful, sometimes the thing I thought would work, doesn’t (they are the times I learn something new). But every time I switch off and sit down at my machine, I am at peace. Sewing is my happy place.

That’s what I want to share with you!

What is my back story?

My love of sewing dates back to when i was a young girl. After spending many hours making and designing for my friends and family, I decided to study Fashion design and Manufacture, so I could learn how to do it properly.

I am also a Mum to two gorgeous kids, a wife and a daughter.

How can I help you?

Allow me to share some of my skill and enthusiasm with you. While we create your projects together, you will be learning the foundations which are applied throughout most sewing projects.

I specialise in teaching beginners. We start at the very beginning from winding your machine, getting you comfortable and confident behind your machine and taking away the overwhelm.

I seek to provide a welcoming, warm, non intimidating space, where parents can learn new sewing skills whilst making new friends and build your Mummy village.

My vision:

“Mother’s group with a creative difference

“As a mum to two small children, I understand the isolation which sometimes comes with being a mum. I wanted to create a social outlet for parents to be able to relax for a couple of hours, learn a new skill and chat to other parents.”

Humble Beginnings


When I started this venture, I had a class of 3 and my 10 month old son strapped to my back. It all happened on a Wednesday, when my 4 yr old went to Kindy. I booked a room at the local community center and off we went.


I had put together 9 weeks of lessons, which were saved on a free version of word, on the slowest computer in the world. And even though each lesson took me hours to complete, I had a drive which I had never felt before. I was inspired, I was excited and every Wednesday became my day to inspire others. I drafted all of the class patterns by hand and cut them out ready for class, to give the three people who also took a leap of faith and jumped on board.

The next term arrived and I jumped from 3 students to 17. I had 3 classes on a Wednesday and 1 on a Monday.


At first I was completely terrified and overwhelmed. What had I done? Can I do this? Everyone had paid their fee and were keen to learn. We were a room filled with Mums and Babies, whose ages ranged from 2 months to 10 months. I had set up the community center room with play pens, toys, blankets and a little bit of naivety. It was so much fun and sometimes a little loud.

The thing that kept me inspired was watching the friendships form and the laughter erupt as new skills were learnt. I booked my dear son into daycare on a Wednesday and this became my day to teach.

Fast forward 1 year and I now have a dedicated teaching space, a normal speed computer and a babysitter for our child friendly classes.

I love my job!

We are in the media!

Thank you to the Greater Springfield Daily Record for featuring Amber’s Learn to Sew classes in their publication!
Amber Coates of Ripley has been happily surprised with the popularity of her sewing classes.
Amber Coates of Ripley has been happily surprised with the popularity of her sewing classes. David Nielsen

SEWING was once an essential skill learned by most women and many men, yet today it’s a rarity amongst the masses.

The once popular craft appears to now be making a come back, with one Ripley mum offering baby friendly sewing classes for mums and bubs of all ages.

Sewing runs deep in Amber Coates blood, but it wasn’t until a chance encounter with some friends that she discovered her love of teaching and sewing as a potential career.

“I’ve been sewing since I was about eight years old, mum had a sewing machine and my grandma was a sewing teacher, so she started in the same way and eventually taught at Brisbane City Hall,” Mrs Coates said.

“I also did a fashion design course in 2002 where I did everything from making a pattern to how to draw a design.

“September last year I had a a few friends who wanted to learn how to sew and they brought their kids along and I thought why not start something up, so I started a class at the community centre at Springfield Lakes.”

Absolute Beginner Mums and Bubs sewing class will run again in Ripley from July.
Absolute Beginner Mums and Bubs sewing class will run again in Ripley from July.

Mrs Coates said she taught the basics of sewing from learning how to thread a needle to sewing a straight line, which is apparently a lot more difficult than it seems.

Following in her grandma’s footsteps, Mrs Coates said the classes also offered time out for busy mums and provided a flexible social outlet that worked around the family schedule.

“I have a babysitter on hand, so for first-time mums it’s comforting for them to know that baby is just in the next room,” Mrs Coates said.

“It’s kind of like a mother’s group but you learn to sew at the same time.

“When you’re in that not working stage as well it can be quite lonely so this is an outlet to get mums together and to support each other, chat and create.”

Term three of Learn to Sew with Amber sewing classes will commence on the week of 17 July and run for eight weeks.

For more information about the classes contact Amber Coates on or call 0421 505 599.