Welcome! Wind down, Slow down, Recharge and Create!

Life is busy! I think this is something that we can all agree on. There is so much going on all of the time. When I was young, I was told that I could have it all! And hearing that made me happy. I loved that my childhood was full of opportunity. I could choose to focus on a career and work towards being the boss, all whilst having a family. I could choose to be Stay at Home Mum and run a household, I could even choose to be a Unicorn if I really wanted to. Well, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean.

As Mums though, with all of that choice, we are then required to be that Full-time Carer, Full time career working mum, all whilst being watched by social media and judged because that’s not how the world thinks we should be doing it, oh, and don’t forget to put yourself last in every situation. I don’t know about you? But I have had enough!

This is me > 46240046_2151337598251166_9021249394141298688_n

Sewing brings me peace. Its how I switch off. If I am stressed or overwhelmed or just sick of the world ticking way to fast for me, I switch off from the outside world, put on some music and sit at my sewing machine. Sometimes I make something for a friend, sometimes for myself, sometimes for my family, sometimes I just want to try something new or something that I found too hard in past experiences. Sometimes they look great, sometimes they look awful, sometimes the thing I thought would work, doesn’t (they are the times I learn something new). But every time I switch off and sit down at my machine, I am at peace. Sewing is my happy place.

That’s what I want to share with you!

What is my back story?

My love of sewing dates back to when i was a young girl. After spending many hours making and designing for my friends and family, I decided to study Fashion design and Manufacture, so I could learn how to do it properly.

I am also a Mum to two gorgeous kids, a wife and a daughter.

How can I help you?

Allow me to share some of my skill and enthusiasm with you. While we create your projects together, you will be learning the foundations which are applied throughout most sewing projects.

I specialise in teaching beginners. We start at the very beginning from winding your machine, getting you comfortable and confident behind your machine and taking away the overwhelm.

I seek to provide a welcoming, warm, non intimidating space, where parents can learn new sewing skills whilst making new friends and build your Mummy village.

My vision:

“Mother’s group with a creative difference

“As a mum to two small children, I understand the isolation which sometimes comes with being a mum. I wanted to create a social outlet for parents to be able to relax for a couple of hours, learn a new skill and chat to other parents.”

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