Last Minute Christmas Mummas Unite

Hands up all of the Last Minute Christmas Mummas (Insert Hands up Emoji)!

Hi There, (Insert Waving Emoji) welcome to my world. There are a lot of great benefits from being a Last minute Christmas Mumma. One of them being great Last Minute Sales, especially when it comes to buying Xmas fabric and Decorations. But there are also some bad things, things like always feeling a little frazzled, which is why my friends, I sometimes look like a deer in the headlights when you mention things that will be taking place more than 2 weeks in the future.

This year, however, I decided to be a bit more proactive with my Christmas Patterns and release a very easy Christmas Stocking Pattern before December. Yes December is 2 days away and yes I had planned to release this one around October, but well, I was thinking of you all, because in October, the Christmas fabric was not 50% off. You see, I have your back (Insert Winking Emoji)

This is just a short little Blog because I am off to buy an Elf on the Shelf (First year doing this tradition) and I need to plan some scenarios, so our Elf doesn’t spend all of December sleeping (Insert LOL Emoji)

If you would like to make your own Christmas Stocking, the pattern can be found Here.


Happy Sewing – Bon Amour and Sewing with Amber

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