Humble Beginnings


When I started this venture, I had a class of 3 and my 10 month old son strapped to my back. It all happened on a Wednesday, when my 4 yr old went to Kindy. I booked a room at the local community center and off we went.


I had put together 9 weeks of lessons, which were saved on a free version of word, on the slowest computer in the world. And even though each lesson took me hours to complete, I had a drive which I had never felt before. I was inspired, I was excited and every Wednesday became my day to inspire others. I drafted all of the class patterns by hand and cut them out ready for class, to give the three people who also took a leap of faith and jumped on board.

The next term arrived and I jumped from 3 students to 17. I had 3 classes on a Wednesday and 1 on a Monday.


At first I was completely terrified and overwhelmed. What had I done? Can I do this? Everyone had paid their fee and were keen to learn. We were a room filled with Mums and Babies, whose ages ranged from 2 months to 10 months. I had set up the community center room with play pens, toys, blankets and a little bit of naivety. It was so much fun and sometimes a little loud.

The thing that kept me inspired was watching the friendships form and the laughter erupt as new skills were learnt. I booked my dear son into daycare on a Wednesday and this became my day to teach.

Fast forward 1 year and I now have a dedicated teaching space, a normal speed computer and a babysitter for our child friendly classes.

I love my job!

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