Amber is amazing, been wanting to make my daughter clothes for years but I literally knew nothing about sewing properly til I did her classes. She explains everything in detail and has youtube videos to follow too with her patterns if I was doing any at home. Started off with easy patterns and then finished the class few weeks ago with making a beautiful dress for my daughter which I cant wait to make more of. Would definitely recommend Amber to anyone. – Carly Devlin – Facebook Review

10/10 ! So much more confident in my sewing after attending classes with Amber. Covered all the skills needed to complete most patterns. Great way to get out the house and have fun while on maternity leave 🙂Kirstie Phil – Facebook Review

I love Amber’s mum and bub sewing classes. The little ones get to play, you make new friends and learn a new skill – what’s not to love! Amber is a wonderful teacher only too happy to share her tricks for giving you professional quality garments. – Leah M Collins – Facebook Review

Amber has a wonderful talent for breaking down sewing steps into easy to understand pieces. I walked away from her class so proud of what I achieved. Can’t wait to do the next class. – Megan Whyte – Facebook Review

I have been sewing with Amber for over a year and a half and I love it. Amber has taught me so much and I have made things that before I wouldn’t have thought was possible. I always said that I wanted to make my kids clothes and now I can make them some. Amber is super patient and the fact that I can do it in the day with the kids makes it even better. Every week I look forward to my two hours of sewing time. If you are looking for a sewing class you can’t go past Ambers. – Katie Allen – Facebook Review

Loved my first term last year – got to sew my baby girl a little dress for her first Christmas and was great having some me time in the week while my children were looked after. Can’t wait for class to start again!! – Adelle Suitor – Facebook Review

Thank you so much for teaching me how to sew! I had 0 experience and had never turned on a sewing machine before… now I’m pretty darn good (toot toot) I drove over 45mins to do your classes and loved every bit – Chantelle AnneFacebook Review

I really struggled getting out of the house when miss E was a baby. I wanted to give her some socialisation but didn’t want to be in a large crowd. I did this course with Amber along with just a few ladies and their babes. I’m so thankful I did the class. I met some amazing friends and it broke my fear bubble ❤ – She Calls me Mum – Instagram

My daughter and myself went to a beginners course run by Amber. Not only did we get tutorials and hands on help with reading patterns, we gained skills and carried on making little outfits for our families. My daughter gained confidence in giving different styles ago. Amber’s friendly, helpful nature made the course really easy and she always gave a hand when needed. I highly recommend Amber’s courses and hope you also make treasures for your families xo – Debbie K Moore – Facebook Review